The Bean Tighe (pronounced ban tig) is a helpful spirit that is likely one of the inspirations for the "fairy godmother" type donor/patron from faerie and folk tales. She is the one who makes it possible for others to achieve their potential ... whether it be helping with the maintenance of one's home, one's finances, or the ability to make one's dreams come true.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Laying the Foundation ...

Since I am not yet to the point where I can do more than plan, I figured it would be a good thing to put this blog together and have it ready for when I can properly begin with it.

I'm quite pleased with how it's come together, the content (photos, background, text, and layout) all sort of flowed in a way I rarely have happen. I choose to view this as an indication that I'm doing the right things at the right time ...

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