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Sunday, January 22, 2012

GOYB!: Week 3

Well, this week went a fair bit better.

Still had some residual sickness at the beginning of the week and managed not to rebound too badly once my appetite returned. I know the Dr said not to focus on numbers but I just have to squee a little ... since I took control of my eating habits, I have lost 16 lbs. Not only have I managed to stop the cortisol based, high-stress fuelled weight gain my Dr was so concerned about, but I have actually managed to put it in reverse and maintain that for a solid 3 months now.

While 16 lbs might not seem like much to many people, for me this is a really big deal and something to celebrate. It has been almost a decade and a half since I broke my metabolism (starvation syndrome) and the weight started piling on ... I climbed from 165lbs to 230lbs in under 6 months. And the best I could manage was to maintain that weight, no matter what I tried. So, I'm doing a happy dance over the fact that the numbers I'm not supposed to be focusing on are moving in the right direction at last.

Tracking calories and exercising portion control is, I'll be honest. a royal pain in the butt ... having to account for every little thing that goes into the mouth from a glass of water, to a piece of gum, to a meal, is tedious and time consuming. And it must be done carefully, adjusting the daily calorie intake and setting small goals in the understanding that the weight has got to come off slowly to give the body time to adjust to the changes ... otherwise, at the first opportunity, it will go looking for it's lost poundage.

I managed to get a walk in every day this week, and have plans set to go swimming (eep!) on Monday.

All in all, a success methinks ^_^

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