The Bean Tighe (pronounced ban tig) is a helpful spirit that is likely one of the inspirations for the "fairy godmother" type donor/patron from faerie and folk tales. She is the one who makes it possible for others to achieve their potential ... whether it be helping with the maintenance of one's home, one's finances, or the ability to make one's dreams come true.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

PBP: 3.1.a - Appraising the Situation ...

Work Space - before

Well, as promised ... here are the before photos for my little work-space in this suite. Taking the photographs has helped me to really recognize the clutter, and therefore the mental and spiritual quagmire, that I was accumulating. Definitely high time that I got it under control, if only to be able to find anything I'm looking for never mind any other reason.

Since I need the table free for two of the three of my chosen activities, it seemed like this would be the most logical place to start.

A overview shot of my work-space ...
which includes the table, tall cabinet,
the short cabinet behind my chair,
and the space beneath the window.

Yes, even the space beneath the window
has managed to accumulate a fair
amount of clutter.

Not a square centimetre of available
surface has escaped the clutter monster.

Geez ... and I was wondering why I'm feeling stuck and weighted down?
Heh ...

Since tomorrow is the New Moon, 11:39pm PST (so the bulk of it's influence will be felt the following day), and Monday is the beginning of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon ... I'm going to take my time over the next three days (making use of the old 'three-days-moon') to properly cleanse, organize, and dedicate the area so that, by the time I'm ready to actually make a start using the space on Tuesday I'll have had opportunity to set myself thoroughly into a new mindset ... releasing my accumulated negativities along with the clutter.

Saturday - acknowledge, recognize, plan and prepare. Gather materials needed. [ x ]
Sunday - clean (physically), cleanse (spiritually), purify (area and self), sort, discard (physically and mentally). [   ]
Monday - organize, set up, dedicate, energize [   ]

More to come ...


  1. You are inspiring me. My study looks similiar.

    1. Hehe ... I understand.
      It really doesn't take long to get out of hand.