The Bean Tighe (pronounced ban tig) is a helpful spirit that is likely one of the inspirations for the "fairy godmother" type donor/patron from faerie and folk tales. She is the one who makes it possible for others to achieve their potential ... whether it be helping with the maintenance of one's home, one's finances, or the ability to make one's dreams come true.

Friday, February 10, 2012

PBP: Week 6 - [C]rafts

Just a brief post this week ... I've been working hard at getting myself caught up with my herbalism schoolwork.   Since I have until October of 2012 to have all three books completed and all lessons sent in and graded to be ready for the final, I have some lost time to make up for. I'm averaging 6 lessons completed ever three'ish days. With 33 lessons in book 1 to complete, if I continue at this rate, I'll have myself caught up and ready to start the  2nd book at the beginning of March. I will then have 5 months to complete it and 2 months to complete book 3  and review to be ready for the final.

This week's topic is crafts ...

A couple of weeks back, while writing for this project, I decided to find new ways to incorporate the sacred and, specifically, actions that would allow me to honour the three Ladies who are my patrons

I suppose some would call them matrons, but to me that seems like an anal point of semantics that radical feminists feel they need to resort to in order to distance themselves from the supposed evils of the "patriarchy". I'm afraid I cannot agree ... look up the words patron and patronage in the dictionary and you find a reference to the concept of development of an individual (or groups) under the auspices/support of a benefactor. The definition of the word matron, while motherly, carries no such definition. Being that I, personally, favour a happy medium (BALANCE) in all things ... I'm going to opt to utilize the grammatically correct word, as opposed to inventing for myself a new use for a different word.

For the most part, those crafts I create tend to be dedicated to Medb (pronounced Mev) of Connacht as she is the one of the three who most favours direct action ...and mead. My brewing of which is on a grudging hold until I have a permanent home and the ability to bring my carboys out of storage.

However, I have found that certain activities seems to draw out a certain Lady's energies over the others.

Anything involving herbs, oils, infusions, etc, (in short, the products of the green growing things)will bring out the high spirited and very youthful energies I am learning to recognize as Airmid (Aer-mit). Whether this be my wild-crafting, my current school curriculum, or my search for the right home on acreage to purchase.

While, as befits her position as hearthkeeper, anything of a domestic nature will resonate with Brìd (Breet) ... however, I have been given to know that I am expected to create and work with an actual forge at some point but that will have to wait until I have a home to call my own with enough property to allow me to build it.

I apologize for the brevity of this post. I may opt to come back at a later time and expand on it more.
Be well!

Medb - Wire writing with the Ogham alphabet.
Medb - Wire weaving
Medb - Chainmail pouch
Brìd - Imbolc doll and cross
Brìd - Baked honey cakes
Airmid - making Rosehip Syrup


  1. Thanks for sharing your ideas of linking your craft to the Craft. I've been a crafter and a witch for many years, but I've only recently been trying to link the two.

  2. The wire writing - this is very beautiful. I really liked how your incorporated her name in tree spelling.