The Bean Tighe (pronounced ban tig) is a helpful spirit that is likely one of the inspirations for the "fairy godmother" type donor/patron from faerie and folk tales. She is the one who makes it possible for others to achieve their potential ... whether it be helping with the maintenance of one's home, one's finances, or the ability to make one's dreams come true.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PBP: Week 12 - Flame-keeping.

One of the very few of my spiritual practices that didn't fall to the wayside during my stay in Calgary and descent into depression, was my custom of Flame Keeping one night from dusk to dawn every 20 days.

I do not do this alone, rather I am part of the Ord Brighideach International as one of many persons who honour the Flame of Kildare and the Lady for whom said Flame burns. Whether she is called St. Brigit or, as I do, the Keeper hearkens back to an earlier time before the introduction of christianity to the Ilse of Eire and honour the Goddess Brìd, this one task draws us together.

One night in 20, we have tasked ourselves to stand vigil and care for that little portion of the Kildare Flame that each of us has received ... usually in the form of a candle that has been lit and pinched out so that the wick resonates with the energy of the parent source. On the 20th Night, it is believed that the Goddess/Saint herself tends the Flame. 

I tend to take this Flame Keeping a step further, taking the time to marry my charged candle's flame with any available pilot lights (furnaces, hot water tanks, gas stoves/ovens, barbecues, gas fireplaces, etc.) in any place I reside. I do this to ensure that the home I am making is blessed and guarded by the power of the Lady of the Flame. 

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